Makira-Ulawa Province is one of the nine provinces of Solomon Islands. The provinces main island is Makira (San Cristobal). Other islands include Ulawa, Uki ni Masi, Owaraha (Santa Ana), Owariki (Santa Catalina), Pio and others.

The main island Makira has a land area of 3090km2 with mountains that through the island’s centre – the highest of which reaches 1040 meters. A total of six languages are spoken on Makira including the Arosi, Bauro, Fagani, Kahua, Owa and Tikopia. Bauro speakers are considered to be the most isolated and conservative of the Makira groups.

Capital: Kirakira

Premier: Stanley Siapu

Area: 3,188 km2

Population: 40,419 (2009 Census)

Density: 12.7 / km2

Administrative Divisions: 20 Wards


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