The Project Division is responsible for overseeing the implementation of provincial Development Programmes that are funded by the Solomon Islands Government. The Division is headed by a Director who over­sees the overall administration and operation of the Division. The Director is supported by Chief Infrastructure officers and Monitoring and Evaluation officers.

The function of the Division includes coordinating project planning, design and financing through the national budget bidding process. In carrying out this role, the Division works closely with the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination (MDPAC) and the  Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT) in preparing project submissions as part of the Solomon Islands Government’s annual Midterm Development Plan (MTDP) and Budget processes.

The Division also works closely with the MDPAC to compile quarterly reports on the implementation of projects including the monitoring and evaluation processes for those projects in compliance with the relevant sections of the pdf Public Financial Management Act 2013 (1.88 MB) .

Additionally, the Division also coordinates with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) to provide technical training for project and works officers in the provinces.

The specific roles of the division therefore include;

  1. Coordinate planning and design of Provincial Institutional Infrastructure Programme and its imple­mentation in the provinces.
  2. Coordinate planning and design of Township Development Programme and its Implementation in selected pilot provinces.
  3. Oversee project implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting including for PCDF projects.
  4. Project Design and Planning Training to provincial project and works officers.