Malaita Province is one of the largest provinces in the Solomon Islands and is named after the province’s largest island, Malaita which is surrounded by the province’s smaller islands of Maramasike, Siakiana and Ontong Java Atoll. Malaita was included as part of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate in 1893 when the Southern Solomon Islands was declared a British Protectorate by Captain Gibson R.N.

The province is known for its traditional shell money making and has the highest population of all Solomon Islands’ nine provinces. The provincial capital and largest urban centre is Auki which was established as the Administrative Centre for Malaita Province in 1909.

Capital: Auki

Premier: Peter Ramohia

Area: 4,225 km2

Population: 137, 596 (2009 Census)

Density: 33 / km2

Administrative Divisions: 33 Wards


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