The Finance and Accounts Division provides a central coordinating role in managing financial resources for the Ministry and provincial governments. The overall goal of the division is to ensure that the limited fiscal resources of the Ministry are prudently managed to support delivery of services at the provincial level while maintaining a positive financial position. These strategic functions are strategically aligned and are envisaged to contribute positively to the overall vision and goals of the ministry.

The specific responsibilities of the Divi­sion include; providing a leading role in developing budget bids and securing financial resources to fund public service delivery by the Ministry and provincial governments and to coordinate and facilitate an expenditure process and carry out financial analysis and advice to the Ministry’s Executive Management.

The main activity of the Division is the transfer of Fixed Service Grants to provinces on a quarterly basis.

The Division prioritises other development programmes that aim to build capacity of the provincial govern­ments and the Division towards performing its responsibilities – mainly in the form of specialised trainings.

The Division also supports the imple­mentation of development programmes through Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) funding. This support role is carried out in the form of assessments to determine which provinces are qualified for funding and through the identification of potential areas where control can be strengthened.

Apart from expenditure management, the Finance and Accounts Division is also carrying out comprehensive studies on tax revenue sharing scheme in a bid to improve performance and revenue collection by provincial governments as a means to ensure the fair distribution of resources including financial resources to the provinces.