The CGGM Project is a World Bank supported project implemented under the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) with the objective to strengthen local governance institutions for community grievance management capabilities and to enhance the effectiveness of linkages with Provincial Governments in targeted communities. The leading partner in fi­nancing and implementing the programme is the World Bank with DFAT also providing resources into the pro­gramme. The project focuses on three key components.

Component 1: Revitalize the linkages between the Government and target communities through establish­ing of community officers (Cos).

  • The Project’s Management Unit (PMU) continues to provide technical support to provinces and communities participating in the project. The PMU ensures that the provinces and com­munity officers perform their roles as obligated under the Memorandum of Agreement. The Project Management Unit is also tasked to liaise with the MPGIS Executive and Funding Partners on Project imple­mentation and related issues.

Component 2: Strengthen the capacities of community officers and local authorities. Ensuring those officers and local actors are adequately equipped with knowledge, skills and tools to perform their agreed roles.

Component 3: Deal with project management, evaluation and learning. This component is the Project Management Unit’s (PMU) immediate responsibility and includes administration and operational support to project implementation at the community level.

The Project’s Work Plans will also feature ongoing and new activities under the Project’s three components.