Guadalcanal Province is one of the nine provinces of Solomon Islands, consisting of the island of Guadalcanal. The island was named by Pedro de Ortega Valencia, born in the village of Guadalcanal in the Seville region of Spain. Honiara, the Solomon Islands capital and largest city is located on the island, however, in July 1983 it was designated as a 22 km2 Capital Territory, administered by the Honiara City Council (HCC) and is no longer considered part of the province.

The island was the scene of a ferocious fighting during World War 2 known as the Guadalcanal Campaign.

Capital: Honiara

Premier: Anthony Veke

Area: 5,336 km2

Population: 93,613 (2009 Census)

Density: 11.3 / km2

Administrative Divisions: 22 Wards


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