The Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening’s (MPGIS) Legal Services Unit is responsible for providing legal advice to the Ministry Executive on policy matters. The Unit also provides legal advice to help facilitate the implementation of Ministry Programmes.

Apart from advising the Ministry, the Unit also provides technical support to Provincial Governments on legal issues.

The Unit continuously provides technical support to specific activities of the Ministry’s Divisions including:

  1. Supporting the Executive and the Provincial Governance Division to review the Provincial Governments Act 1997;
  2. Supporting the establishment of the PCDF institutionalization and a relevant legal framework;
  3. Supporting the review of provincial procurement manuals, financial management ordinances and contract issues;
  4. Supporting the Corporate Services Division draft relevant policies;
  5. Support piloting Community Governance Grievance Management Programme activities;
  6. Provide legal services to Provincial Governments in drafting project MOUs and Agree­ments with Landowners and other Service Providers.